04 August 2013

So who came along to the Blue Gum this month?

Who was this Mystery Woman??????  

I really love her style... I think I should be brave and think more like this Very Interesting Person!

This Mystery Woman fits in very nicely with the carpet doesn't she  :-)

If you would like to have a guess... I will send a a lovely Prize from my Stash... 
to the first person to guess correctly!  
Email me privately at  pennie@iinet.net.au
(you cannot guess if you were at the Blue Gum yesterday... okay!! )

My friend Meg and Lissapoo.

 Annie and Marilyn.

 Stephanie, Annie and Marilyn... up to mischief I'm sure!

 As would be these three as well... Becky, Ruth and Erica.

 Sue and Emma.

 Christine and Robyn.

 Heather and Cath.

 Penny and Lynne.

 A Champion from the 'Happy Hookers' Gang...    It was Gillian hiding there...

 Irene and Emma.

Penny and Lynne.

 Rita and Sharon.

 Pennie and Stephanie.

 Selina, Lucy and Claire.

 Ruth and Erica...

 Oh!  here is that Mystery Woman again...

 Liz and Becky.

Many Appologies to Ann-Maree and Joy, my darn iPad just doesn't have any manners and flipped it's self to Movie instead of photo!  I decided to put it us instead of leaving you out!!

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