03 December 2012

SCQuilters Christmas Party 2012.

Our usual room at the Blue Gum was booked this month, it costs $1,300 including food to hire the room so we don't pay but we get the room for free if there isn't a booking.

We can use a bigger room if that isn't booked at $1,800 but there were already 5 other groups in that room so I made the decision to hold our Annual Christmas Party at my home. 

Now when I made that decision it was a lovely 25c sunny day and we'd just had parties the two weekends before so I wasn't fussed, we do have a lot of parties here.

 Then the weather report came out... 35c 100% humidity and raining... SO...  23 of us were all shut up inside with fans blowing and you know what?    We had a really fun day, it was great even better than it would have been at the Blue Gum, which was lovely :-)  gee SCQuilters are great!

We sent out to my local Pizza shop and the compliments flowed, I must pop in and tell them just how much we enjoyed our lunch.

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