03 November 2012

... and more Show...

The black and white above and the colour below will be turned into a double sided play mat for my brand new grandchild due on the 3rd of January :-)

This is my Kambrachallenge for 2012... the Challenge was to make something that  you've always wanted to make but had never got around to.
I've  always wanted to make a Penny Rug but a quilt not a rug, so I made this with woolen fabrics and some plain cotton... it's my 'Pennie Rug' and I will never do it again, too fiddly and I found it hard sewing the cotton fabrics with the woolen fabrics, too much movement.  But I love it and so do many of my family who all covert it....  It's mine, mine, MINE!  :-)

See what the others did in the Kambrachallenge by clicking.

Here is Heather's version of the Bedford Quilt for 2012, she changed the setting a bit and added the blue sashing.

Lynne made this little quilt for a swap so we will look forward to seeing what she receives when it comes.

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