07 July 2012

Show and Tell #4.

 Lynne A's, 10 year old Grand daughter put this quilt together using the machine for the first time... but she prefers the back, below :-)

 Lyn W. is getting along nicely with her Sue Spargo quilt.

 Jill was finishing off the binding of her quilt.

 Robyn's Witches Hats, aren't they fantastic... here is her explanation.

( It’s part of Jems Whispers Challenge 2012.  The No 1 quilter was given an image to make her quilt with and the completed quilt was passed on to participant No 2, who took an element from the original quilt and then passed her quilt on to No 3 participant, etc.  My quilt is No 5 in the series.  I received No 4 quilt which was a Halloween scene, complete with witches, etc. and I took up the theme of traffic witches’ hats and what they might get up to off duty.)

Cath's road and rail quilt.

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