07 January 2012

Show and Tell - Part Two

 Joy's Doughnut Baby Cushion was a great hit, everybody knew someone they could make one for.

 Joy's little baby blanket/

 Joy's I Spy quilt.

 Selina made this quilt for her Stepbrothers Wedding, Sel gave us a laugh, she said,  'The brides mother is a crazy witch, I just hope she doesn't take it and burn it.'   Yikes, I hope she doesn't find this Blog!

 Claire is making these table mats for her mothers birthday today!

 Jenn made this quilt for her Mothers Birthday.

 Jenn's... I've forgotten drat!

Jenn made this quilt using a Charm Pack, the back below.

 Unknown to Jenn or Kyishia, Kyishia made a quilt with the same Charm Pack.  Wonderful eh!

 Ann-Maree bought these embroidered blocks on Ebay and turned them into a quilt.  Fascinating blocks.

 I only photographed one Lunch today, MINE!  Lobster and it was delicious and good value for $28!


Linda said...

Oh! Selina made a Supernova quilt! That was a quilt-along offered by Lee of FreshlyPieced blog who lives in Wisconsin. I made Supernova too! What a small world.

Paula Storm said...

Wow!! That Sit Me Up Donut is AWESOME!!! I love the fabrics you chose and you put the perfect amount of stuffing in it too!! Thanks for letting me know it was on here for me to see. I love seeing what people make with my patterns :) Hugs Paula

Ozjane said...

Thanks Penny it is lovely to see all the faces and names, some you know but others are totally new and it is so nice to put a face to the name.