02 October 2011

Octobers Blue Gum photos are bought to you today by CLAIRE! Thanks for filling in for me :-) and I'm sorry I missed a great bunch of SCQuilters but I'll see you all next month.

This simple nine patch? has turned out very nicely hasn't it.  Well done Selina.  (It is a 9 patch isn't it?  mmmm... no it's not, is it a 4 patch? or is it just squares I wonder? )

 Another little beauty by Selina... you were prolific this month...  this one is clever and very striking.

 This is Rita's Jean's quilt... what a good use of old jeans eh!

 I'm loving watching the progress of this Monet's Garden Hexagon by Rita... it's looking wonderful Rita!

 Marianne... I think this might be the back for the quilt below.

 Is this Bonnie K Hunters 'Star Struck' Marianne?  I've made this quilt as well.

 Is this, below... another version of Star Struck Marianne??  and is that it's back above?   I feel I'm on a bit of a Mystery Tour with Claire's photos... she was very kind and named all them all for me though.  LOL...

 Lynne A. is binding this quilt which looks interesting... the quilt, that is, not the binding, binding is just binding isn't it!

 Lyn W. handwork, I've seen these shapes being cut out and can't wait to see the finished quilt.

 Liz is continuing on with her blocks... does this block go with the other Australiana blocks Liz?

 Wow... who's is this??    I know... it's Jill's, we saw her hand piecing these lime with black and white blocks a while ago.  The finished quilt looks great Jill!

 Whoa... this quilt is very funky Jenn... I haven't met Jenn, she came along with Selina yesterday, hopefully she will be able to come next month and I can meet Piper as well  :-)

 Jenn, Piper and Selina.

 This looks interesting, it's Jenn's handwork and I'm wondering what it will turn our like.

 This is a lovely soft quilt Claire, who is it for?

Another Wow!  Looks very a complicated block but what a great Wow Factor!   Lovely work Kath!


Hot Fudge said...

Dang - I can't believe I missed this meet-up. I've recently moved down from Brisbane and a SCQilter friend had told me all about it. Have made a note in my diary for next month!

Pennie and David said...

We'll look forward to meeting you next month Hot Fudge :-)

Sel's Quilting Blog said...

Hey Pennie!

The first quilt I showed is actually a postage stamp done in blocks of 5x5 patches. It was a quilt-along with ps. i quilt back in January!

Ann-Maree said...

So many questions Pennie...a hilarious read..thanks for the laugh..can't wait for next month!