02 July 2011

First Saturday of the month means... Quilting at the Blue Gum... So lets start by meeting some SCQuilters. (In alphabetical order) :-)

Becky from Ryde - is almost finished sewing Pink!

Cath from Minchinbury - is working through a lot of UFO's
Claire from Artarmon - wait till you see her Show and Tell.

Dianne from North Rocks - escaping a new pasta machine bought by her son. 

Erica from Parramatta - had a very happy hour or so putting names to her Kona fabrics from the Chart Claire lent her, see her swatches just above the chart.

Gillian from St Ives - no use hiding we know who you are.....

Heather from Thornleigh - working on her Candied Hexagons
Irene from Pymble-knitting her daughter a poncho, the pattern and colours of which were chosen by her DD.

Jackie from Clareville - Bottle of ?? I wonder what?

Jill from Thornleigh-binding a quilt from another's castoff fabrics.

Lilias from Waitara, just joined SCQuilters and came along for the first time, nice to meet you Lilias! Welcome to the Blue Gum.

Liz from Epping - working on her Aussie quilt.

Lynne from Waitara - started the embroidery of this babies quilt.

Marilyn from Bungan Beach - with some new applique.
Pennie from Turramurra North - Well!  Today we had a discussion about how the photographer is never in the photos, I even told how my DD2 Gwilym, took photos at our last family gathering because I'm never in the photos and of course he wasn't in any for that day... and there I went forgetting to take a photo of me!  So as a consolation prize I get to put up any photo of me that I like!  And... I like this one :-)  taken on Christmas Day in 1968 in England, my first White Christmas!
Rita from Turramurra North - Rita read the article about us in the Northside Magazine and asked a neighbour of ours if they knew me, I've only known her for 40 years!  So Rita knocked on our door and came along today for the first time.  Welcome Rita! 

Robyn from Pymble - just popped in for lunch and to say hello!
Stephanie from Thornleigh - had a break from her DD's netball, a school holiday treat for Mum.
Wendy from Chain Valley Bay - Another SCQuilter who finds it hard to come down to the Blue Gum during term time, I think Wendy came further than any other...

Just some of us.....


Ann-Maree said...

Pennie, the pics are fabulous! Thanks for taking the time to put them on the blog with captions..must have taken you ages! I really will have to try to get over there..Sats used to be hard with kids, now I could just leave them to it LOL ..off to check my diary...impotov

Pennie and David said...

Thanks AM :-)

See you on the 6th of August... put it in your Diary!

lulu said...

Love the pictures, it was such fun seeing all the projects being worked on. And of course all the happy faces.
Nan in Vancouver Canada