04 June 2011

 Becky has made this little quilt for a baby.

 Which came first, the jumper or the quilt?  Brenda tells us it was the jumper by a long way.   This quilt is called Spice and another of her 'twelve by twelve' colour challenge, last months challenge was the Chartreuse...

 Claire and Erica.

 Erica has hand pieced this quilt... Wow!  it's going to be queen size so she has a lot more hand work to do.

 Gillian is knitting beanies for winter.
 Gillian's tape measure.

 Heather has started putting these blocks together... it's great bright quilt isn't it.

Kate's Purple and Lime quilt, Kate doesn't really like these colours but they do look terrific together don't they.

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