05 February 2011

Show and Tell of all sorts....

 Sue's absolutely spectacular quilt top, it even got a clap from one of the patrons of the Pub sitting on another table.

 Heathers Show and Tell was the best though, we all love a baby so when Heather's daughter Belinda surprised us with little Samuel it was oooohhhhsss and aaaahhhhssss all around the room.

 Oh!  and Heather had a Quilt to show as well... one for Samuel when he's a bit older.

 Fabulous back to Samuel's quilt.

The two boys at the next table took a shine to this quilt so Heather had to do a special Show just for them :-)

1 comment:

Pinky said...

Heather DEFINITELY had the best show and tell EVER! I'm sooo sorry that I missed it!