11 September 2010

Results of the 'Hand Challenge'.

The Winner... with 14 correct out of 16 correct is Lindi Jarman from Edgeworth, NSW.
Congratulations Lindi, how you did it when you have never been to the Blue Gum nor met any of the hands below... I just don't know.  Lindi says she just can't resist a Challenge!

A parcel will be on it's way to you this week Lindi.

1 Marilyn   ✔
2 Jackie    ✕
3 Joy       ✔
4 Penny     ✕
5 Claire    ✔
6 Glynis    ✔
7 Sarah     ✔
8 Liz       ✔
9 Lyn A     ✔
10 Lyn      ✔
11 Heather  ✔
12 Jill         ✔
13 Pennie       ✔
14 Nicole       ✔
15 Gloria       ✔
16 Belinda      ✔  14/16


Munaiba said...

Well done Lindi! What talent. Have you been contacted by the cops for assistance with their unsolved cases? lol

Lindi said...

LOL! No, Munaiba, but I often work out the culprits in mystery movies. :) As soon as I saw Pennie's handwork with hands that definitely weren't hers (I have seen them on her blog) I realised she was leading us astray by swapping handwork around. Then it was just a matter of looking for clus, like sleeves, jumpers, jewellry etc and comparing them with the group photo. The reds were the most confusing, as they looked different in the seperate photos.