04 July 2010

Kate and Heather

I couldn't decide which photo I liked the best with these two... Heather looks the same in both but Kate looks a bit too happy in the one above or a bit too serious in the one below... so I put them both in :-)
Kate is making this quilt for a friends baby.
At last she's found the use for a wavy ruler... to mark her quilting lines! The quilting rather makes the quilt doesn't it.
Heather's DD made this quilt many years ago when she was still at school, she didn't quite finish the quilting so it was put away but found by one of their cats who did some damage while making it his home... now that Heather's DD is expecting her first child... a boy... the quilt has been bought back to life by Heather. Lovely story isn't it.
Ros and Imogen... I did warn Imogen who was here with her mum Kate, that this photo would be going all around the world... she said that would be fine she didn't mind at all LOL
This is the start of something big by Ros, isn't it amazing! you should see the holey fabric she cut her pieces from!
Ros's blocks all about the joys of quilting!
There is nothing truer than the below is there eh!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Well, you've made Imogene famous all the way here to Des Moines, Iowa, USA! Now can you reveal WHY she posed that way?

Heather, I love that quilt! So, so cute! We're having a boy grandbaby too. Don't you agree that it's more difficult (err, less fun?) to make a boy quilt?

As always, thanks for sharing your photos. I miss you guy!