03 May 2010

We had 'Sisters' at the Pub today, Shirley flew up from Melbourne to join her sister Jean for a few days before the SCQuilters Retreat in Bathurst.

We all decided to be 'sisters' today... here is Shirley and her 'sister' Rosemary, just in time for Lunch.
Glynis and her 'sister' Heather.

Irene L. with her 'sister' Jean.

Cath with her 'sister' Bec.

Dianne with her 'sister' Lyn H.

Loz with her 'sister' Linda.

Lyn W. with her 'sister' Di.

... and Irene B. with her 'sister' Pennie... aka ME.

Just in case you missed Heather's jacket... Heather likes warm and bright colours for Winter :-)

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Maree: said...

Wow what a Great day with all those Sisters gathering together...