05 April 2010

Another day spent at the Pub!

Our days spent at the pub are a little different than one might expect... we spend about 5 hours doing a lot of chatting, a lot of sewing, a lot of lunching, a lot of drinking, even a little betting (only on my nephew not on the horses-well he was riding horses I guess) but no alcohol or cigarette touches our lips!
We're a weird mob that's for sure.

Picture this....

Three SCQuilters arrive at the Blue Gum car park right on 10am but the Gate is still locked, no worries we’ll walk around to the main entrance... but as we approach the Bottle Shop the three blokes unloading bottles look up and say... ‘Sorry the pub isn’t open till 11 today.’ Stunned silence from three SCQuilters! Then the Licensee recognizes us and says...’Oh you’re the Quilters, you can come in, just follow me.’

So through the small and cramped Bottle Shop we go, in single file we follow the Licensee into the dark dungeons of the pub past large kegs and pipes of all sizes, up steep metal stairs with the Licensee picking up rubbish as we go and we enter the Pub near the kitchens.

‘There you go’ says he, ‘Make yourselves at home, I don’t know how to work the coffee machine so you will have to wait till someone who does turns up.’

So off we go to our bright sunny room and organize our tables while the Licensee heads for the front entrance and waits for more SCQuilters to arrive welcoming each one with a cheery... ‘Oh you’re a Quilter you can come in!’

Sit back and enjoy some of our handwork...

Robyn's Handwork.
Marilyn's Handwork.

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Anonymous said...

What a great "reputation" you all have pennie!! ;-) ;-)

:-) sue :-)