02 January 2010

Who was at the Blue Gum today? We were 27 in number but not all of us were sewing away... it's that time of year some of us just wanted to Eat & Chat

Marilyn was there, stitching labels on Stitchin' Mission Quilts.

Joy was there, working on her applique.

Sue was there, working on her block.

Lyn and Di were there sewing labels on more Stitchin' Mission Quilts.

Shirley was there from Melbourne with sister Jean... more label stitching.

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Linda said...

Oh... you make me miss all of you so much! I wish I could have been there with you. And that some of the quilters were working on Stitchin' Mission quilts makes me so proud of them.

Thank you for making me feel such a part of your group. I hope everyone has a quilting-filled 2010.