04 October 2009

We're having another GUESSING COMPETITION...

After yesterdays fun gathering at the Blue Gum I decided it was time we had another Guessing Competition... the Prize will be a 'Wonderful Surprise' from my Sewing Room, now that's a treat - it's like an Aladdin's Cave in there :-)

All you have to do is email me the numbers ONE through to NINE and beside them put one of the names of the SCQuilters below... the person with the most correct guesses will win!


Good Luck Everybody!

Some SCQuilters had more than one 'Show and Tell' or 'Work in Progress'.


Nadine said...

Hellooo, dear Penny ;>)
This is Nadine from Belgium (GHQA + Yahoo Group).
When I saw your blogs mail addies, I decided to pay a visit (I'm so curious, HeeHee...).
WOW, WOW, this SCQuilters Blog is sooo interesting and inspiring ! Congratulations to all the ladies, you're all doing a fantastic job : gorgeous quilts, fantastic blocks, and smiles, smiles, smiles everywhere ! ;>)
I was thrilled and subscribed to become a follower. So, I'll be back!
THANKS for this new favourite link,

Marilyn said...

Hey Pennie,
How come you have not used this lovely umbrella ?
Maybe you are keeping it for 'best'
or you just don't go out into the rain.