06 September 2009

SCQuilters at the Blue Gum last Saturday.

There was great excitement at the Blue Gum when we arrived around 10am, the car park was almost full, there were people (not SCQuilters) coming and going and the place and humming!

Seems that yesterday was the first time they had opened for Breakfast and what a Menu it was... Yummo!... we might start our Gatherings earlier next month making it a breakfast day instead of a lunch day LOL

Might being the operative word here... the traffic would be lighter though wouldn't it eh??

Kate Crutchley called in briefly with the blocks she's making for her DD Imogen... aren't these cute!

Penny Smith, Lyn Allitt and Marilyn Robinson.
I declare Penny Smith to be the SCQuilters Wonder Woman of the day... before she arrived at the Blue Gum just after 11am she'd been to a Wedding, a Wedding Breakfast, bought a pair of shoes on Sale (which she was wearing) and had a short nap!!!!!! Admittedly the Wedding was a Dawn Wedding starting at 5:45am but all the same what a morning! and there she sits calmly quilting LOL

You win this months Gold Star Penny, make sure you bring it back next month :-)

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