26 July 2009

Help needed please.

These photos were taken at the first Blue Gum Gathering in June, I wasn't able to be there that day so I don't know whose quilt is whose ?? could you enlighten me on the photos below please then I will put your names up.

Claire's Terrific Hexagons.

I've been reliably informed (by the owner) that this quilt is Munaiba's I'm also reliably informed that it's finished and quilted! Well done Munaiba it looks terrific, bring it along next time you came to the Blue Gum!


Vireya said...

Can't help with the identification, only the spelling.

Who's = either who is, or who has.

Whose = possessive, belonging to who.

So my vote is for "whose quilt is whose".

Lovely quilts, by the way.

Pennie and David said...

Oh yes of course!
Thank you thank you Vireya... Now that I've had a good nights sleep I know my who's from my whose :-)