22 June 2009

Let me tell you a story...

We were many at the Blue Gum a couple of months ago, it was only days after the Bikie gangs were in the news so the sound of many motor bikes arriving at the Blue Gum was one to cause silence through the usually very noisey room... a couple of us got up to nervously peek out the window only to find it was one biker making one big noise.

Same thing happened last Saturday but we were cool and didn't need to peek so continued our busy chatting, sewing, eating and showing when one big bloke strode into our room... he didn't do what most non SCQuilter people do when they come into our room, they usually back out quickly when they see a group of quilters sitting around sewing but not this bloke.

Dressed in leather pants and a tee shirt and with a very long grey plait halfway down his back... he noticed he had 7 pairs of eyes on him so reassured us that he was only checking on his bike. He looked out the window then turned around and said... 'Oh you're all sewing, making quilts, I love quilts!' We were silenced once again then he explained... 'I work in a Aged Care Unit and I see the ladies sewing and quilting, I love watching them, maybe I should ask them to make me a quilt!' We laughed and chatted a bit and said that he might get a very floral quilt to which he replied as he left our room... 'I like florals, there's nothing wrong with florals!'
To say were giggling by this stage is an understatement.
What a terrific bloke, if he's there again next time I'll ask him for a photo to show you all.

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