03 May 2008

How many faces can you put to names??

Here are have 22 SCQuilters plus one... do you know who is who.

In no particular order are - Wendy, Irene, Dianne, Heather, Siobhan, Jan, Erica, Becky, Pennie, Irene, Jill, Penny, Sue, Bev, Lyn, Cate, Nola, Jean, Marilyn, Lisa, Judy, Linden & Rhonda.


Jasmine said...

You could get a clue by hoping each person was holding their own chantelle int he following photos...
I want to know if that little dangling kid was from a kit or an original design?


Pennie & David said...

Didn't want to make it too easy for you Jasmine... as for 'that little dangling kid'... that's our beautiful little Siobhan, we start them young at the Blue Gum!

Sue said...

I love coming here to read what you girls get up to each month. I live on the other side of the city and find it hard to get to where you meet each month. Is there a group that gets together out Camden/ Narellan way or could we start a group out this way.
Is there a problem with the blog page or is it my computer, when I load the page half the writing on the right hand side is missing or over the pictures so you can't read it