01 March 2008

Guessing Competition - Read more about it!

This month there is a magnificent prize from 'Pennie's Stash' for the first SCQuilter to correctly match these 8 SCQuilters with their hand work in the two mosaic photos below. Write your answers in the Comments Box or email me privately, if no SCQuilter can answer all eight correctly there will be a - not so magnificent prize - for the SCQuilter with the most number of correct answers. Those in these photos may not enter the Competition.
So... Here we have:-
A. Erica, B. Lisa, C. Marilyn, D. Bec.
E. Heather, F. Irene, G. Pennie, H. Gay.


Lindi said...

Well, for what it's worth, I've had a go! I'm now looking forward to one day meeting you all, and seeing what you actually do work on. *grin*

Di said...

Pennie, may I have a second try please? I've cranked up the brain and changed a couple around...
1 - Marilyn
2 - Erica
3 - Irene
4 - Beck
5 - Heather
6 - Gay
7 - Lisa
8 - Pennie

Anonymous said...

1 - Heather
2 - Erica
3 - Marilyn
4 - Bec
5 - Lisa
6 - Pennie
7 - Irene
8 - Gay

Here are my guesses! It's pretty hard to match the handiwork to the girls, though I hope I am close with Erica, Bec and Marilyn! I've only seen Heather with Bronwyn Hayes embroideries at the GTG's so picking Heather's work was hard.

Good luck everyone!