16 October 2007

Our First Challenge....

Our First Challenge...., originally uploaded by sydneyscquilters.

The first Saturday of our move to The Blue Gum caused a bit of a noisy kerfuffle... when we ordered our lunch we received this harmless looking pager which will notify us when our lunch was ready for collection. When these 'pagers' went off by vibrating and beeping furiously on the cold hard tables we were sitting at the noise was horrendous and frightened the living daylights out of us... so the Challenge was set to make a Vibrator Quilt. Some made pockets, some used an old wooden box and shared with their friends and some used faux fur!

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Lissa Jane said...

gotta love that word "kerfuffle" its my favourite word at the moment..
Great work on the blog! shame there is a pic of an ugly chick on it (aka me!)

causing all sorts of kerfuffles at work today