03 August 2019

Blue Gum Sat 3 August 2019

Show and tell.

One of Joy's delightful quilts.

Joy's other gorgeous creation.

This is one of Liz's original designs. Can you guess who this might be?

Two of Liz's stitcheries which were entered into a competition.

Two photos of the beautiful cardigan Lynne made for Liz. The lace knitting is so very beautiful. Liz looks very happy doesn't she?

This is a picture of the quilt Lynne was binding.

This is a quilt Rita has quilted for charity.

A Quilt top sewn by Rita and almost ready for another 'Aussie Hero', apparently an Essendon fan! If I'm wrong about the club please let me know.

The front and back of a laundry bag also sewn by Rita for an 'Aussie Hero' who wanted trucks, eagles and an outdoor experience! There are wolves on the bottom of this bag.

Penny was working on her gorgeous blite stitchery. Looks very dutch to me.

Glynis's 4 little pink bags for gifts for 4 little girls at a wedding next year.

Finally some show and tell photos taken a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay ladies!

These are fabrics chosen by Heather for a future project.

This lovely creation was made by Erica.

Stephanie's wonderful quilt. 100 days block from 2018. Pattern from Tula Pinks 100 modern quilt blocks book.

Penny's wonderful blue and white Patchwork of the Crosses assembled, basted and ready for hand quilting.

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